UNwire seminar

Loose the cables & reap the rewards of going wireless. Learn from the experts!


What is an UNwire Seminar?


UNwire seminar is an opportunity for you to learn how to take advantage of Wireless technologies in your industrial environment. Join us and learn the pros and cons of Bluetooth, WLAN and Cellular, depending on the use case. Meet our partners and discover how Anybus Wireless solutions helped them start their IIoT journey and transform their business.


Who should attend UNwire?


The ideal UNwire seminar participants are technical manager, decision maker or automation engineer who wants to learn about possibilities and challenges when it comes to implementing wireless technologies. During our seminars, you will have the chance to discover the full potential of our Anybus Wireless solutions.


Where and when can you join us?


In 2020, we will start running the UNwire seminar all around the world. Please scroll down to see the next Unwire seminar near you. None in your country announced on this website? Please contact your local distributor for details about the next local event. 


Find the next UNwire Seminar near You and begin Your wireless journey!


Typical Program for a UNwire



Wireless technology overview 


Why cut the cables?

Objectives and success criteria for your wireless implementation


Challenges, considerations and best practice

Connect Anybus Wirelss Bolt/Bridge and performing basic wireless network scan and spectrum analysis.


How to get started!

Find the Perfect place to assist an UNwire Seminar



Our first UNwire event is being launched in Denmark on the 16th April. We would like to welcome automation professionals and IIoT experts at the Hotel Scandic, Roskildevej 550, Denmark.

And many more to come...

Access Points

WLAN Access Point

Wireless Routers

Get true mobility with Anybus Wireless Routers

Wireless Bolt

Get Wireless access to your industrial applications

Wireless Bridge

Replace cables with Anybus Wireless Bridge