Legacy Products

This Anybus product has been moved into the "Limited, Exit and Obsolete" phase of the Anybus Product Life Cycle Management.

No further updates are brought to this product.

Below you will find all files and documentation related to the product:

Files and Documentation

  FileTypeVersionSizeRead onlineDownload 

Manuals/Design Guides

  Design Guidepdf3.01.46 MB Download
  Network Guide - Interbus 2Mbit/s Fibre Opticpdf1.03758.18 KB Download


  CE Declaration of Conformitypdf 152.87 KB Download
  EU Declaration of Pre-Conformitypdf-328.69 KB Download
  InterBus Fiber Optic Conformance Certificatepdf 50.45 KB Download


  Anybus Firmware Managerzip1. MB Download

Application notes

  How To Configure Anybus Interbus Slave Module With IBS CMD G4 For Interbuszip1.011.08 MB Download