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Anybus PoE Injector 12-57VDC

The Anybus Power over Ethernet Injector (PoE) makes it possible to supply an Anybus product, for example an Anybus WLAN Access point or Anybus Wireless Bolt RJ45, with power through an Ethernet cable. This removes the need for an additional power cable.

This industrial-grade 2-port Gigabit High Power injector version has high reliablity and a rigid IP30 metal enclosure. 


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Manuals/Design Guides

  Startup Guide - Anybus PoE Injector 12-57 VDCpdf1.31.23 MB Download


  EU Declaration of Conformitypdf3 JUL, 2019414.36 KB Download


  Anybus Power over Ethernet Injectorspdf1.0413.10 KB Download