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Anybus Wireless Bolt CAN

Anybus Wireless Bolt CAN

Anybus Wireless Bolt CAN enables you to connect industrial machines and devices to a wireless network. It is attached onto a cabinet or a machine to enable wireless access over Bluetooth®, or Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN). It converts CAN data to/from TCP/IP communication over the wireless link.

With Anybus Wireless Bolt you get an All-in-one package featuring, connector, communication processor and integrated antenna in the same unit, with an industrial IP66/IP67 protection class.

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Bolt Black White 18 pin
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Manuals/Design Guides

  AT Commands Referencepdf2.2591.27 KB Download
  Radio Regulatory Compliance - Anybus Wireless Boltpdf2.4264.77 KB Download
  Safety and Compliance Information - Anybus Wireless Boltpdf1.2695.97 KB Download
  Startup Guide - Anybus Wireless Bolt CANpdf1.01.78 MB Download
  User Manual - Anybus Wireless Bolt CANpdf1.103.13 MB Download


  ATEX Conformance Certificatepdf11 FEB, 20201.82 MB Download
  EU Declaration of Conformitypdf8 APR, 2021645.48 KB Download
  Import Certificate Russia FSS/FSBpdf22 MAY, 2018146.14 KB Download
  Radio Certificate – Argentinapdf8 Aug, 201892.97 KB Download
  Radio Certificate – Australia - ACMApdf28 OCT, 201929.57 KB Download
  Radio Certificate – Brazilpdf2 OCT, 2020491.74 KB Download
  Radio Certificate – Canada - TAC/IC (Int. Ant.)pdf20 Nov, 2017592.47 KB Download
  Radio Certificate – China - SRRCpdf31 MAR, 2016619.07 KB Download
  Radio Certificate – Colombia - CRCpdf29 Nov, 2017148.97 KB Download
  Radio Certificate – India - 2.4 Ghzpdf20 NOV, 2018285.80 KB Download
  Radio Certificate - India - 5 GHzpdf20 NOV, 2018293.19 KB Download
  Radio Certificate - Japan - MICpdf2015-11120.72 KB Download
  Radio Certificate – Koreapdf4 MAR, 2020177.72 KB Download
  Radio Certificate – Malaysia - SIRIM QASpdf30 Nov, 2017244.95 KB Download
  Radio Certificate – Turkeypdf20 Nov, 2017471.69 KB Download
  Radio Certificate - USA - FCCzip-830.19 KB Download
  UK Declaration of Conformitypdf30 MAR, 2021156.37 KB Download
  UL NEMA 4X Certificationpdf26 Sep, 2017131.84 KB Download

Other files

  3D Drawingszip2017-01-165.87 MB Download
  Bolt RJ45 adapter - Specification and Installation Guidezip1.12.26 MB Download


  Anybus Firmware Manager IIzip1.12.1.0_C2.40 MB Download
  Anybus Transport Providerzip4. MB Download
  Firmware Update Wireless Bridge/Boltzip2.04.041.50 MB Download
  Firmware Update Wireless Bridge/Boltzip1.6.3 - SP31.27 MB Download
  HMS IPconfig - Utility for module TCP/IP configurationzip4. MB Download