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Anybus Wireless Bridge - Serial - Bluetooth

Anybus® Wireless Bridge Serial - Bluetooth is a rugged dual-mode Bluetooth (Bluetooth Smart Ready) serial-port adapter with Bluetooth gateway functionality and u-blox Serial Port Service. It allows connection for up to seven serial slaves with an RS-232/422/485 interface over Bluetooth, with a max. range of up to 300 meters.


The Bluetooth Access Point features connectBlue Low Emission Mode® which solves any potential interference between classic Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that is not handled by Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH).

Further features implemented include Wireless Multidrop™ with simultaneous connections to both Bluetooth low energy and Classic Bluetooth devices and Extended Data Mode™ for separated multipoint data channels so that different data can be sent to or received from each slave.


The Wireless Bridge dual-mode Bluetooth serial port adapter is easily configured using the Windows®-based configuration program "Toolbox". Advanced configuration can also be made via AT commands.

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Wireless bridge 024140-B Serial-Bluetooth
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  EU Declaration of Conformitypdf3 JUL, 2019453.60 KB Download

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  AT Command Specificationpdf30308.22 KB Download
  Cable Kit Connection Guidepdf1.046.87 KB Download


  Toolbox for Serial - Bluetoothzip4.8810.12 KB Download


  Anybus Wireless Bridge Serial (Video)zip-15.94 MB Download


  Bluetooth Product Guide - Anybus Wireless Bridge Serialpdf1366.14 KB Download
  Commands For Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter ATpdf30.0308.22 KB Download
  Extended Data - ModeSerial Port Adapterpdf1142.73 KB Download
  Getting Started With Bluetooth Serial Port Adapterpdf1410.17 KB Download


  Anybus Wireless Bridge Serial - Datasheetpdf 757.61 KB Download