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Below you can find all the files and documentation for the com.tom family of products: 

com.tom Gateways

The com.tom is a ready-to-use telecontrol device with an integrated PLC functionality. The device offers communication interfaces like Ethernet and a serial port. The CODESYS SP@CHIP runtime kernel is installed as well the WEB-PORTAL communication software. 
Product page
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Other files

  Codesys - Library required for creating CODESYS applications with the CTI gateways with CODESYS 130.84 KB Download
  Datasheets - CTI 100, CTI 115 & CTI 140 362.99 KB Download
  Getting started - Getting Started document for CTI gateways with WEB-PLC or CODESYS 3.22 MB Download
  Release-notes - Release notes for the CTI gateways with WEB- PLC and CODESYS firmware. The firmware updadate files are available on 2.77 MB Download
  Startup-guides - Startup guides for the different CTI gateway 4.27 MB Download
  Tools - Windows application for finding and configuring the network interface of CTI gateways in the local 1.60 MB Download