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Anybus CompactCom M40 Module - CC-Link

The Anybus CompactCom M40 for CC-Link is a complete communication module including connectors which enables your products to communicate on an CC-Link network.


By implementing the CompactCom concept into your product line,you will have instant access to any other industrial network by simply plugging in another Anybus module.


The M40 CC-Link module handles data lengths up to 896 bit points and 128 word points of 16 bit data and supports both CC-Link v1.10 and v2.00. The CC-link network implementation is made directly into the CompactCom network processor — the award-winning Anybus NP40. With its fast data transfer and very low latency, it's the perfect match for even the most demanding industrial applications.

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CompactCom Starterkit

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Test and evaluate the CompactCom with your device with the CompactCom Development Kit, and more accessories from HMS.

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Manuals/Design Guides

  Hardware Design Guide - M40pdf2.911.75 MB Download
  Host Application Implementation Guidepdf1.71.09 MB Download
  Network Guide - CC-Linkpdf2.22.50 MB Download
  Software Design Guidepdf4.19.85 MB Download


  CC-Link Conformance Certificatepdf13 Febuary, 201580.63 KB Download
  EU Declaration of Pre-Conformitypdf12 MAY, 2021687.25 KB Download
  UK Declaration of Pre-Conformitypdf14 MAY, 2021155.93 KB Download

Other files

  Anybus CompactCom Conformance Help Documentpdf4.1358.30 KB Download
  Anybus CompactCom Host Connectorzip1.61.68 MB Download


  Anybus Firmware Manager IIzip1.12.1.0_B3.06 MB Download
  Anybus Transport Providerzip4. MB Download
  Anybus Virtual Attributes Managerzip1. MB Download

Configuration Files

  CSPP File For CC-Linkzip1.02139.39 KB Download

Application notes

  How To Use GX Works2 And CSP+ Filespdf1.01862.20 KB Download


  Anybus CompactCom M40 for CC-Linkpdf 1.31 MB Download