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Anybus CompactCom M40 Module - PROFIBUS

The Anybus CompactCom M40 for PROFIBUS is a complete communication module including connectors which enables your products to communicate on an PROFIBUS network.


By implementing the CompactCom concept into your product line,you will have instant access to any other industrial network by simply plugging in another Anybus module.


The M40 PROFIBUS module handles data lengths up to 488 bytes (244 bytes input and 244 output) and supports both PROFIBUS DP-V0 and DP-V1 according to IEC61158 type 3. The PROFIBUS network implementation is made directly into the CompactCom network processor — the award-winning Anybus NP40, with its fast data transfer and very low latency, making it the perfect match for even the most demanding industrial applications.

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CompactCom Starterkit

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Test and evaluate the CompactCom with your device with the CompactCom Development Kit, and more accessories from HMS.

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Manuals/Design Guides

  Hardware Design Guide - M40pdf2.911.75 MB Download
  Host Application Implementation Guidepdf1.71.09 MB Download
  Network Guide - PROFIBUS DP-V0/DP-V1pdf2.53.37 MB Download
  Software Design Guidepdf4.19.85 MB Download


  EU Declaration of Pre-Conformitypdf12 MAY, 2021687.25 KB Download
  PROFIBUS DP-V1 Conformance Certificatepdf 382.08 KB Download
  UK Declaration of Pre-Conformitypdf14 MAY, 2021156.49 KB Download

Other files

  Anybus CompactCom Conformance Help Documentpdf4.1358.30 KB Download
  Anybus CompactCom Host Connectorzip1.61.68 MB Download


  Anybus Firmware Manager IIzip1.12.1.0_C2.40 MB Download
  Anybus Transport Providerzip4. MB Download
  Anybus Virtual Attributes Managerzip1. MB Download

Configuration Files

  GSD File For PROFIBUSzip-6.02 KB Download

Application notes

  Anybus CompactCom 40 Diagnostic Events for PROFIBUSpdf1.13.23 MB Download


  Anybus CompactCom M40 for Profibuspdf 3.64 MB Download