My typical work week as a Software Developer in the Wireless team at HMS


Monday 14:00 – Retrospective meeting

Me and the rest of the Wireless team spend the afternoon having a retrospective meeting – learning from our previous project what we did well and what we could improve for next time. Maybe we can support one another in a more efficient way? This is an important part of the project to help us grow as a team and as individual developers, and sets us in the right mood for our next challenge starting tomorrow morning…


Tuesday 09:30 – Planning the sprint

Okay, it is time for us to set our goals for the next sprint (3 weeks)! We spend the morning planning out our project for the next three weeks and set the priority list together. Our product owner informed our group about a new support case that he has received from our support engineers. One of our customers in the US has experienced a problem with the wireless connection to one of their AGVs (Automated guided vehicles).


Tuesday 15.00 – Meeting with the US customer

Along with our product owner and our support engineer in the US I attend a video conference meeting with the US customer to get more details of the problem. The customer will run some diagnostics during the workday and send over the log files.

Wednesday 09:15 - Daily Scrum meeting

We start each day with a daily update on our progress with the sprint we are currently working in. We talk about how we can best support each other to solve any issues we might have and decide how we can best handle the next task on the priority list we agreed when planning out our sprint.

Today we decided that I and one of our test engineers shall try to reproduce the problem that our US customer is experiencing.


Wednesday 13.00 – Problem reproduced

With the information from yesterday’s meeting with the customer and the log files we received this morning we were able to reproduce the problem with the wireless connection. Along with my colleges we have a discussion on a nearby whiteboard trying to figure out the cause of the problem.


Thursday 14:15 - Coding

It is time to do some serious coding! In our team, we use both Linux and Windows and we code in C and Java Script. We always check each other’s code to make sure we are always learning and improve as developers.

Today I am busy with implementing a change in the wireless connection management module, this change will make our wireless product more robust and we are confident that this will solve the customer’s problem.

Friday 10.00 – Verification time

The coding is done and now it is time to run some serious verification tests. By initiating a new release build our automatic test environment starts running a long series of tests. When all the test has passed the team is confident that we can provide the new firmware to the customer. Just before noon we send the new firmware to our support engineer in the US.


Friday 14:40 – Having a break

A few of us in the Wireless team are really into table tennis, so this afternoon break we spend playing a game together in the cafeteria!


Friday 16.00 – Success

Our support engineer is an early bird and have been on the customer site a few hours already. Along with the customer’s automation engineers he have run a series of tests with the AGVs and can now confirm that the new firmware fixes the wireless connection problem.

In the email that the team received just before going to this weeks after work a really happy and thankful customer says:  “Great job guys, it is always a pleasure to work with HMS. You are really the worlds best industrial communication partner”.