My typical work week as a Test engineer in the Anybus Embedded team at HMS

It is quite hard to describe a typical week, since every work week differs. But let’s try…

Monday 08.30 – Daily meeting

The whole Scrum team gather in front of the electronic Scrum board. After some initial chit-chat about the weekend activities we move along, setting up the daily activities and other close cooperation regarding the current project.

Monday 10.12 – Support call from customer

A newly developed feature is causing some questions at the customer site. After a video call with customer we find a workaround and then we file an issue to address later, then I continue working on the test script for the latest feature.

Tuesday 08.30 – Daily meeting

Same procedure as usual, but today our product owner has got a feature change request that he would like the team to support him in discussion with the customer during the day. The team assign one person to attend the meeting, this time it falls on me to attend.   


Tuesday 09.00 – Investigate Jenkins workflow failure

Due to some upgrade of the test framework we have got unexpected failures on some of our weekly builds that needs to be fixed. Several of the testers and the platform team make joint venture for solving this issue. By the way, we got the coolest Jenkins machine park – glowing in the dark…

Tuesday 11.00 – Backlog refinement

The Scrum team gathers and refine the backlog with the directions from product owner. Several new features are discussed and estimated. Informal dialog with coworker responsible for e.g. HDL development could be required during the meeting.

Tuesday 13.00 – Meeting with external customer

The project team and project manager are attending the video meeting, a relevant feature change is discussed in relations to impact and priority. After the meeting I continue with the latest fantastic test script I am working on.


Tuesday 14.00 – Manual pre-conformance or robustness testing

To ensure conformity we need to run some manual testing with specific network equipment such as PLC and other reference equipment. This manual but important work ensure proper interoperability and prevents problem at our customer sites. It also preventing the customer from failing their conformance testing 😉.

Wednesday 09.00 – Review meeting

The Scrum team gathers and review the sprint for all stakeholders. A demo is held in the end of the meeting and generates a lot of questions from the stakeholders.

Wednesday 11.00 – Retrospective meeting

Our 3-week sprint is up, and the team gathers for inspecting it thoroughly. We try to learn from every closed sprint, what we did well and what we could improve for next sprint. Are we interacting in the best way with our technical writers? If we add one additional Jenkins set-up, could we gain band width for desired additional development testing? Everything that makes the work more efficient and fun is investigated and sets us in better position for our next sprint.

During pre-Corona a team lunch in the city of Halmstad was a tradition, to celebrate the end of the sprint. A haggle about what lunch restaurant to visit was usually held before the short trip to the restaurant was made. 

Thursday 09.40 – Team digital fika

Now and then we have a digital fika with some accompanying gaming of e.g. CATAN. After some gaming I return to the current script development work.

Thursday 10.00 – Discussion about the test framework

The continuous development and maintenance on our test framework and Jenkins machine park, this often requires interaction with other test engineers from other teams.

Thursday 14.00 – Sprint planning

A new sprint with several new untouched features and some unfinished tasks is then chosen and placed on the electronic Scrum board. After some discussion about availability of the team members during the sprint the scope is fixed and the sprint is started - Hey, here we go! 


Friday 09.40 – HMS Inspire seminar

A recurring event is a seminar or speech on various topics, usually held during the common coffee break on Fridays.

Friday 10.10 – Joint debugging session 

Now and then there are strange unexpected behaviors or failures in the test scripts or embedded code that requires joint debugging efforts with the embedded developers. During this Corona period it is done in a remote video session, otherwise is could also be done at some team members desk or in the lab.


Friday 14.00 – Personal development time

We set aside some time for personal educational purpose and find a calm spot for reading some interesting book or trying out some new Python code library.

It is Friday afternoon; another productive and fun work week is done; it is time to say bye to the teammates and check out for a fantastic weekend 😊