My Typical Work Week



Working as Technical Writer as HMS, of course we spend a lot of time writing but we do a lot of other things as well.

Join me in my typical work week.



Monday 10:15 – Discussion about a new product

Me and my colleagues in the Technical Information team are talking to the Product manager for Wireless products. A new product is planned to be launched later this year, and we are discussing use cases and typical users. Being part of the project from the start helps me a lot in my work.

 Tuesday 13:30 – Reviewing videos

The afternoon is dedicated to going through our range of published how-to videos. Videos are important complements to other information. This time we need to make sure that our videos are up to date with the latest user interface. The GUI team is very helpful, and we find a handful of required updates to be scheduled.


Wednesday 14:00 – Talking with colleagues

One thing I personally like is to check what’s going on in the other offices where they also produce technical information. Currently HMS has technical writers in Sweden, Germany, Belgium and Spain. We regularly “meet” via the internet to share experiences, new findings or just keep in touch. 

Friday 09:00 – User experience focus

Every two months we are a group that meet to talk about user experience regarding our products. User experience is a strategic priority of HMS and goes hand in hand with what technical writers work on every day. We sit down with our support staff, trainers, usability engineers and developers to find areas where we can improve. We always have a lot of ideas so the challenge is to prioritize them.