Interview with Henrik Ebeklint, Global Technical Services Manager & Timo Van’t Hoff, Chief Product Officer at HMS.

It is a nice Friday morning in the HMS cafeteria, where I got the opportunity to ask some questions to Henrik and Timo regarding that Henrik is currently looking to expand his team.




What do you both do at HMS?

Henrik: I am responsible for the things around our products such as services, support, trainings and technical information. In other words, how we can improve the User Experience of our products.

Timo: I am the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at the HMS group, as well as the Business Unit manager for our biggest brand – Anybus.


Timo, why is Technical Information so important for HMS?

Timo: One of our strategic priorities is User experience, where we are spending lots of efforts. We believe that a key differentiator for HMS going forward is to offer the best User Experience in the market place. One important way to do this is to make sure that users of our products has good technical information that will guide the user to successful projects. This is a way for us to win business.


Henrik, what does Technical information mean to you and your team?

Henrik: To me and my team Technical Information is so much more than just producing text. We focus on understanding the user and the questions they may have when installing and using our products. Apart from traditional documentation, we work with things like online step-by-step guides, FAQs, Knowledge base articles, and how-to videos.


What trends and drivers do you see in Technical Information?

Henrik: We see an increased trend to offer context-based information to help users with relevant answers to their current question or problem. This is an area where we are still learning and where we can do more. Another trend is how-to videos, that is a good complement to traditional text-based information.
Timo: I would like to add the move towards “online and mobile”, which means that we need to provide good information on the internet with responsive design.


Henrik, as a leader, what is important for you?

I believe that good ideas come from an open and collaborative climate, so this is something I strive to support, both in our team but also with other teams in Halmstad or in other countries. Having a creative atmosphere makes daily work more fun but it also develops ourselves, the team, workflows etc. and in the end, it improves the User Experience of our products.


Interviewer: Sandra Opperud, Human Resources, HMS