Create an industrial grade wireless infrastructure

The Anybus network infrastructure products makes sure you have a robust and reliable backbone to give you the most of your industrial wireless applications.

Expand your industrial ethernet network with wired and wireless solutions

Anybus range of infrastructure products connects most types of industrial ethernet networks such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP and Profinet. Together with Anybus range of products like Bolt/Bridge Gateways and Communicators it allows for an almost endless combination of connectivity. 


Wireless infrastructure family

Wi-Fi Access Points

Supports Wi-Fi 5 and Mesh allowing you to expand Wi-Fi coverage without need to install ethernet cabling.


LTE Router

Dual SIM cards gives excellent redundancy capabilities should the wired connection fail.

L3 Switch icon

Managed L3 Switch

Port mirroring allows non-intrusive monitoring and trouble-shooting of your network.

Infrastructure product

Anybus PoE Injector 12-57VDC

The Anybus Power over Ethernet Injector (PoE) makes it possible to supply an Anybus product, for example an Anybus WLAN Access point or Anybus Wireless Bolt RJ45, with power through an Ethernet cable. This removes the need for an additional power cable.

This industrial-grade 2-port Gigabit High Power injector version has high reliablity and a rigid IP30 metal enclosure. 



Features & Benefits

  • Industrial 2-port Gigabit High Power PoE Injector
  • Supports 2x10/100/1000Base-T(X) for power and data Output
  • Fully compliant with IEEE802.3at/802.3af standard
  • Auto protection for Over Voltage Power Input and over current output
  • Supports Power Output up to 30 Watts per port
  • High reliability and rigid IP30 housing
  • DIN-Rail and Wall Mount Design

Technical specifications

Wired interface 2x RJ45 Ethernet Port Input (Data, 10/100/1000 Base-T(x))
2x RJ45 Ethernet Port with P.S.E. Output (Data and power, 10/100/1000 Base-T(x))
POE standard IEEE 802.11 af/at
Dimensions (WxHxD) 41 x 95  x 70 mm
Weight  370 g
Operating temperature -20 to +70 °C  or -4 to +158 °F 
(Storage temp: -40 to +80 °C or -40 to +176 °F )
Input voltage 12-57 VDC on 4-pin screw terminal block
Output voltage  50V / 600mA, 30 Watts max. Per port
LED Power indicator
PWR / Ready: 1 x LED
Green On: Power is on and functioning normally.
LED PoE Indicators
2 x LED
Blue On: PoE Device Link
Blue Blinking: Detecting PoE Device
Blue Off : None PoE Device Detected
Power protection  Short Circuit, Overload & High Voltage protection 
Enclosure material Metal
Mechanical rating  IP30
Mounting DIN-rail + Wall-mount (included)
Certification CE-marked

UL UL 61010-2-201  / UL file E214107
EMI FCC Part 15, EN55022 class B 
EMS  EN61000-4-2 (ESD), EN61000-4-3 (RS), EN61000-4-4 (EFT), EN61000-4-5 (Surge), EN61000-4-6 (CS), EN61000-4-8, EN61000-4-11
Safety EN60950-1
Shock IEC60068-2-27 
Free Fall IEC60068-2-32
Vibration IEC60068-2-6

Content of delivery

  • 1x Anybus PoE Injector
  • DIN-Rail mount kit
  • Wall mount kit
  • Installation guide  


Ordering Information

Order code AWB4006

3 year guarantee. For purchasing instructions and terms and conditions, see: How to buy

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Wireless infrastructure family

Anybus Wireless Routers

allows you to expand your network and add redundancy. Wireless routers will make it possible to connect machines that cannot be reached by cables. Machine builder can get access to machine for remote maintenance. Manufacturers can move a workstation or machine without the need to install new cabling. A router with LTE connectivity can be used to add a redundant communication link if connection on WAN port should fail. Wi-Fi enabled routers can either work as a client on for example an AGV or as a Access Point to give a HMI wireless connection to a machine.

Anybus Access Points

Expand your Wi-Fi network indoors or outdoors (IP67). Access Points support mesh that makes it possible to expand network without need to install ethernet cables. Wi-Fi5 and concurrent use of 2,4GHz and 5GHz is supported.

Anybus Gigabit Ethernet Switches

When more ethernet-ports or management features are needed. The managed layer 3 switch comes with a multitude of redundancy and security features like ERPS Ring Redundancy, 802.1Q VLAN and port mirroring. Create logic or galvanic separation in your network to enhance security.

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Wireless Bridge

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