Industrial wireless access for machines via Bluetooth and WLAN

Give easy and robust industrial wireless access to your industrial cabinets or machines using the Anybus Wireless Bolt.

Anybus® Wireless Bolt™ 


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) | Easy to Use via Bluetooth or Wireless LAN connection.

The Wireless Bolt is an All in one solution device that's both flexible and mobile. Plug it in and BYOD either via Bluetooth or Wireless LAN (WLAN). If you want to learn more about the Wireless Bolt, check out the video where we talk more about the Bolt and what it's capable of.

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Fits harsh environments

Anybus Wireless Bolt has a unique form factor with it’s through hole mounting method. This fits the harsh environment often found in Factory Automation.

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Bring Your Own Device phone/tablet/pc. Bolt is easy to Use via Bluetooth or Wireless LAN connection.

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Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Anybus Wireless Bolt Serial enables you to connect industrial machines and devices to a wireless network with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Low Power technologies

Need an Internet connection for your remote equipment? Bolt IoT provides a cheap industrial Low Power Wide Area connection using the LTE technologies CAT-M1 and NB-IoT with 2G fallback.

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Low Power and Low Bandwidth

Bolt IoT gives Low Power consumption, Low Bandwidth (25-300 kbit/s), Good geographical coverage and Lower Cost.

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Intuitive and interesting form-factor; M50 through-hole mount on any flat surface

Anybus Wireless Bolt – Overview
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Improve operator safety

A machine operator or technician does not need to be physically located at the machine to gain access. Ideal if space is limited or your unable to open the cabinet doors or improving operator safety in fenced-off areas within a factory.

Configure machines wireless 

Anybus Wireless Bolt gives you direct access to configure or troubleshoot your machinery. With a range of 100 meters you can access the internal web pages via a laptop, tablet or smartphone. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) means that you no longer need an expensive HMI.

All-in-one solution

With Anybus Wireless Bolt you get an All-in-one package featuring, connector, communication processor and integrated antenna in the same unit, with an exterior IP67 protection class.

Improve your outdoor wireless connections with Anybus Sunbolt

Hot conditions like constant exposure to sun can negatively affect the performance and life span of any electronics supplying you with wireless connections. The Anybus Sunbolt absorbs 30% less sunheat than the original black Anybus Bolt making it a perfect fit for outdoor applications. Improve connection performance, extend the life span of the bolt by up to 70% and limit the risk of errors in the electronics for your outdoor applications.

Anybus Wireless Bolt
Case Study

Case Study 1080 Motion

1080 Motion: Anybus wireless technology used for athlete testing Swedish pioneers.

Wireless connectivity

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