Replace Industrial Ethernet with Industrial Wireless

Eliminate industrial Ethernet cables by securely bridging over Bluetooth or WLAN. Ideal in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations.


Anybus® Wireless Bridge™ 

Bridge industrial Ethernet or serial cables over Bluetooth® or WLAN


The Anybus Wireless Bridge supports up to 400 meters of reliable wireless communication and can communicate via both Bluetooth or WLAN. It is ideal for replacing Ethernet cabling in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations.



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Cable replacement or access point

By using the Anybus Wireless Bridge II, automation engineers can achieve new and smarter network infrastructures.

Often used as an Ethernet cable replacement (point-to-point communication), the Wireless Bridge can also be used as an access point for several WLAN/Bluetooth nodes such as smartphones or tablets within range. In the process, savings are achieved thanks to the reduced amount of Ethernet cabling.


Support for Industrial Ethernet protocols

Use the Anybus Wireless Bridge to create a wireless connection in a PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP or BACnet/IP network. You can use the same hardware for both Bluetooth or WLAN communication.

There is also a separate version making it possible to bridge serial RS-232/422/485 communication over Bluetooth.


Bridge and Bolt together

Anybus Wireless Bridge and Anybus Wireless Bolt, a connection point for on-machine mounting, share the same technology making them able to communicate seamlessly, opening up for even more innovative wireless system solutions.



1080 Motion: Anybus wireless technology used for athlete testing

Swedish pioneers 1080 Motion makes electronic training machines that allow athletes to measure their development when it comes to power, speed and force. Their ground-breaking products 1080 Quantum and 1080 Sprint are a neuromuscular testing machines where the athlete pulls wires in different ways to measure their physical performance.

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