Harness the power of your device data

Anybus IIoT solutions allow the integration of digital and physical systems to IOT platforms that can fundamentally transform manufacturing, increase efficiency and enable predictive maintenance

Get access to your data

Tap data in an easy and secure way and provide on-the-fly statistics from your devices, machines and systems to discover how they are used. Real-time data improves the visibility of your manufacturing operations and enables you to make smarter decisions across your business. 


Predictive maintenance

Every failure leaves a trail of data that can be used to identify the cause of the underlying issue. Prevent quality issues at an early stage before they become serious problems to your operations, reducing unplanned downtime cutting into production time.


Analyze and enhance

Use your collected data to analyze and enhance your productivity in a sustainable way. Make sure you have all the needed information to future proof your business, keeping your edge in the marketplace. 


Keep your data protected

Security is one of the main challenges within IIoT as connecting “things” to the Internet also means that they are subject to increased security risks. Many of the major industrial network organizations are currently underway with developing security standards. HMS follows and takes an active part in many of these developments.

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You take care of business. We make sure to connect you.



Bring true Edge Intelligence and versatile Cloud Connectivity to industrial equipment

No matter the application, the Anybus Edge solution closes the gap between the factory floor and the cloud, enabling industrial companies to realize the Industrial Internet of Things in an easy and secure way.

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Embed Industrial IoT connections into your devices

Get into industrial IoT with the cutting-edge CompactCom 40-series, supporting both OPC UA and MQTT. Thanks to the support for IIoT functions, thousands of device manufacturers and machine builders who use Anybus CompactCom can make their data available to IT systems and IoT software in an easy and secure way.

Available for: Profinet | Ethernet/IP


Connect your industry networks and legacy devices to OPC UA or MQTT

The Anybus IoT X-Gateways and Communicators allows you to seamlessly interconnect legacy devices and PLC control systems between industrial networks and OPC UA/MQTT.  Networks and devices can remain secure and isolated with data flow being controlled from an independent device. 

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Go beyond monitoring data - give your IT systems control

Get real-time data from industrial machinery synchronized with your .NET-based IT applications. However, the .NET bridge goes further by allowing control to come from your IT network.  Send commands into the PLC networks and setup automated systems where your existing sales and management systems can be king.

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MQTT in production - a case study

How can you overview your networked assets and collect diagnostics from them to be able to perform utilization analytics and for predicted maintenance purposes? Learn about how the MQTT protocol can be used for pushing non-time critical data from the factory floor to the data fog in an enterprise network.

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MQTT used in production image

IoT data being leveraged - some examples


Leading companies are leveraging automated systems and IoT data to test their products and improve quality. Tesla, Raymond, and Daimler Trucks use connected systems and remote data to improve their products. Learn how they do it.

3 trends within Industrial Internet of Things

  • Cellular and Wired Data communication costs will continue to decline.
  • The use of sensors and video/photos to monitor remote sites will continue to increase.
  • Companies will continue to optimize operations by reducing the amount of time employees spend servicing systems in the field.

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