DeviceNet Master Simulator

The Master Simulator is an easy to use tool to test the DeviceNet Adapter/Slave functionality of any fieldbus device. 


The automatic Slave identification functionality permits communication to almost any DeviceNet slave device even if the normally required EDS file is not available.  Any DeviceNet Slave can be set into operation and afterwards clear and user friendly dialog boxes are used to exchange cyclic I/O data or acyclic explicit messages between the DeviceNet Slave and the Simulator.

The Master Simulator consist of a Windows based Software tool and a DeviceNet interface circuitry (Dongle). The Dongle is plugged into the USB port of the PC and provides on the other side a 9-pin D-Sub connector as the DeviceNet Interface. The Dongle is powered from USB port.

To connect a DeviceNet Slave, a DeviceNet cable and additionally the 24 Volt DeviceNet power supply is required. These components are recommended accessories and are not included in the scope of supply.


Features & benefits

  • Easy to use test and diagnostic tool for DeviceNet Adapters
  • Read/Write of cyclic I/O data and explicit messaging data in various formats
  • Automatic DeviceNet address search
  • Automatic detection of I/O data size
  • Works even without EDS-file
  • Supports all standard DeviceNet baudrates
  • Ideal for mobile usage with laptops Windows 7/Vista/NT/XP
  • Connection via USB port

Technical specifications

Dimensions  (L•W•H)
67 x 41 x 20 mm
Operating temperature -0 to +55 °C  
Power supply Powered by the PC/Laptop USB port
Max cable length
2 meters
Baudrate 125-500 kbit/s  
PC connection via USB  
PC requirements Win 9X/2K/ME/XP/7  
Certifications CE, RoHS  

Ordering information

Order Code  018410
Included components            

DeviceNet Master Simulator USB dongle
Software CD
D-SUB connector

Optional accessories            

017509: DeviceNet Cable-Kit
Consists of 2 m thin DeviceNet cable with a 9-pin D-Sub and one 5-pin pluggable screw connector, power supply cable, bus termination resistor

1 year guarantee. For purchasing instructions and terms and conditions, see: How to buy

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