Enable factory-floor machine data to .NET applications

Anybus .NET brdiges exchange real-time data between industrial machinery and .NET based IT applications

Anybus .NET bridges

Exchange real-time factory-floor machine data with .NET based applications and keep integration work to a minimum with the Anybus .NET Bridge.

As a user you focus on defining and integrating an information model in your system while HMS’s Anybus technology handles the communication layer and message protocol. On the OT side you connect the PLC to the .NET Bridge through a function block and product definition files (GSD, GSDML, EDS, ESI). On the IT side you add a C# .NET library to your application and use it to exchange data with the PLC. 


.NET Bridge comes with two different modes:

  • A message mode where you set up data tags that should be exchanged between OT and IT and generate a corresponding product definition file and a function block for the OT side and a C# .NET library for the IT side. This reduces integration efforts on both sides. 
  • A streamer mode where a defined dataset is sent between the IT and OT side without any handshake, to maximize performance. Data need to be mapped manually in the PLC and in the .NET application.  Available for PROFIBUS, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP. 

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All current Anybus .NET gateways have Microsoft .NET capability. They can also communicate with industrial Fieldbus or industrial Ethernet networks. Select your version below:

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4 products