Connect any two industrial networks — Fieldbus, or Industrial Ethernet or connect to IT systems via MQTT or OPC UA.


Anybus X-gateways help you to easily connect industrial networks and PLC systems, enabling a consistent information flow throughout the entire plant. In addition, the new IIoT range enables your to connect via MQTT and OPC UA. Giving your IT systems access to device data.

You get fast transfer of cyclic I/O data between two similar or dissimilar networks, offloading the PLC from working with complex calculations.

X-gateways are tested and proven with all leading maufacturers of PLCs such as, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, ABB, Omron, Hitachi, Beckhoff, Phoenix Contact, Bosch Rexroth and more.


Anybus X-gateways in 2 minutes. 
Product Manager Markus Bladh explains.

What you can do with an Anybus X-gateway


Connect to MQTT and OPC UA

18 new X-gateway versions connect almost any device on a traditional Fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet network via MQTT or OPC UA. Get device data to your IT systems.
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Make PLCs talk

Connect two PLC systems and their proprietary industrial networks from different brands such as Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, Beckhoff, ABB, Phoenix, etc.

Upgrade to industrial Ethernet

The easy way to migrate from fieldbus to industrial Ethernet. Retrofit an old PLC system, and connect it to a newer system, keeping existing I/O modules and wiring infrastructure.
Upgrade to industrial Ethernet

Extend a production line

Extend an existing production segment by connecting new machines that communicate on other networks.

Create network segments

Divide a network topology into logical segments. Create clear cuts between different parts of the plant, both logical and electrical.

Connect enterprise systems

Integrate factory floor data with enterprise level systems such as SCADA, SAP, OPC etc. Anybus gateways are included in most of the major PLC manufacturers’ system building software making it easy for you to integrate them into your network design.
Connect enterprise systems

What you can do!

Connect any two industrial networks — Fieldbus, or Industrial Ethernet or connect to IT systems via MQTT or OPC UA.

Data exchange

Learn more about how the X-gateway exchanges I/O Data.

X-gateway assistance

Through HMS Technical Services, start-up assistance, on-site help and trainings are available.

Anybus X-gateway case studies

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