Easy configuration gets your Anybus X-gateway online in no-time!


No programming skills are needed to set up the Anybus X-gateway. As factory default the X-gateways have a pre-defined I/O size of 20 bytes I/O.



The configuration of the X-gateway is made using the “Anybus Configuration Manager X-gateway” which is included in the price (Windows™ Tool). You install this on your PC, and connect the included USB cable to the configuration port of the X-gateway. 

The Anybus Configuration Manager X-gateway software is also available under the "Files and Documentation" support section of this website.

The easy-to-use Anybus Configuration Manager X-gateway allows you to define the I/O data sizes on each network side and to define the data mapping and separation between cyclic I/O data and parameter data, where applicable.

Configuring a Slave/Slave combination

In this scenario, the configuration of the X-gateway is solely made via the Anybus Configuration Manager without need for any additional configuration tools. However, the X-gateway must be integrated into the Master/Scanner/Client configuration of the corresponding PLC. For this purpose HMS provides the necessary electronic data sheets ( .GSD, GSDML, .EDS, .CSP files ).

(For versions with a Lonworks or J1939 interface, an additional Configuration Tool is included free-of-charge from HMS.) 

VIDEO: eg. How to configure an X-gateway between PROFIBUS and DeviceNet

Configuring a Master/Slave combination

In this scenario, the configuration of the X-gateway is made in TWO steps. Firstly the amount of I/O and parameter data as well as the mapping of the data between the two networks is defined by using the Anybus Configuration Manager.

Secondly, the network Master/Scanner interface needs to be configured by using an appropriate Master configuration tool, such as the free and included Anybus NetTool™ (for PROFIBUS or DeviceNet setup) or your own existing software such RSLogix®  or Step7 / TIA portal.

VIDEO: eg. How to configure an X-gateway with EtherNet/IP Adapter and PROFIBUS Master

Configuring Ethernet IP address settings

If you have chosen an X-gateway with at least one Ethernet based interface ( CC-Link IE Field, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, or PROFINET ), this Ethernet based network interface needs to be configured regarding its IP address settings. For this purpose the X-gateway has an inbuilt webpage that allows easy definition of the Ethernet address and parameter settings.

In case that you do not know your current IP address settings, HMS provides the free software "Anybus-IP Config Tool" which can be downloaded from the "Files and Documentation" support section of this website.

What you can do!

Connect any two industrial networks — Fieldbus, or Industrial Ethernet or connect to IT systems via MQTT or OPC UA.

Data exchange

Learn more about how the X-gateway exchanges I/O Data.

X-gateway assistance

Through HMS Technical Services, start-up assistance, on-site help and trainings are available.

Anybus X-gateway case studies

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