Eliminate expensive fieldbus cabling between the plant production line and control room   


With the OPC connectivity feature of Anybus X-gateways, PC-based OPC client applications can access fieldbus data via common Ethernet standards.

Anybus OPC Server

The Anybus OPC Server enables any PC-based OPC DA client application to access data of distributed field devices located in a fieldbus network without the need for a PCI fieldbus interface card. The connection between the PC in the control room and the field devices in the plant is established via existing Ethernet networks and the Anybus X-gateway. 


Eliminate PCI fieldbus cards

In this concept, the X-gateway functions similar to a fieldbus PCI interface card. While the PCI card is located inside the PC in the control room, the X-gateway can be located directly on site and the expensive fieldbus cabling between the production line in the plant and the control room is eliminated. This saves installation cost and improves the flexibility.


The new “OPC Connectivity” feature is available for most Ethernet versions of the X-gateway family. Typical applications include OPC-based SCADA systems with remote visualization and control. The Anybus OPC server supports OPC Data Access (DA) v1.0, 2.05, 3.0. Key features include access to process data, an OPC tag editor and an online viewer/editor with read / write access to tag data.


Key features 

  • Support for OPC Data Access v1.0, 2.05, 3.0 enables access to Cyclic Process Data
  • Support for Windows platforms
  • Additional parameter data supported (Depending on network combination)
  • Up to 1536 bytes of data in each direction (Depending on network combination)
  • OPC Tag Editor Included
  • Online diagnostics
  • On-line viewer/editior for monitor/modify of process tag data

Anybus OPC Server

From the PC side the flow of data runs from the Application OPC client, through the Anybus OPC server, through the HMS Ethernet transport provider and out through the PC Ethernet card. From there its converted by the Anybus-X and the data is then sent out on the Fieldbus Network.

What you can do!

Connect any two industrial networks — Fieldbus, or Industrial Ethernet or connect to IT systems via MQTT or OPC UA.

Data exchange

Learn more about how the X-gateway exchanges I/O Data.

X-gateway assistance

Through HMS Technical Services, start-up assistance, on-site help and trainings are available.

Anybus X-gateway case studies

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