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Anybus industrial communication gateways

Anybus Communicator

Serial/CAN to Fieldbus/Ethernet

Anybus Communicator gateways connects non-networked devices via a serial RS232/422/485 or CAN interface to all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks.

Anybus Communicator

Anybus X-gateway

Fieldbus/Ethernet to Fieldbus/Ethernet

Anybus X-gateways connects any PLC systems by connecting almost any two combinations of fieldbus or industrial Ethernet networks. Easy setup. No programming required.

Anybus X-gateway

Specific Anybus Gateways

gateways for specific applications 

For specific network combinations including BACNet/IP, Modbus RTU/TCP, M-Bus, IE6111578, J1939 and.NET. Used within e.g. Building, Energy & Power Grid and IT systems.

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