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Gateways for Factory Automation and Discrete Manufacturing

Anybus Communicator Serial/CAN Gateways
Connecting serial RS232/422/485 devices
to Fieldbus & Industrial Ethernet

Anybus Communicator

Anybus X-gateways Network to Network Gateways
Connecting any TWO Fieldbus/Ethernet
networks or PLC systems

Anybus X-gateway

icon-top-product-linking Linking Devices to Logix PLC's
Connecting PROFIBUS, Modbus TCP or Serial
devices with unique Studio 5000 integration

EtherNet/IP Linking Devices

Gateways for Building and Energy systems

icon-top-product-bldg Factory to Building gateways
Connecting Modbus TCP/RTU devices
to BACNet/IP based building systems

Anybus Modbus to BACnet 

icon-top-product-bldg Factory to Building gateways
Connecting Modbus TCP/RTU devices
to KNX based building systems

Anybus Modbus to KNX 

icon-top-product-mbus Energy Metering Control
Get M-Bus meter data on electricity, water,
gas etc. into a Modbus TCP PLC system

Anybus M-Bus to Modbus TCP

Gateways for Industrial IOT applications

icon-top-product-itot .NET to PROFIBUS/PROFINET/

Get real-time factory-floor machine data to
.NET-based IT applications

Anybus .NET gateways

icon-top-product-oem Custom IIoT gateways
Toolkit for device and machine manufacturers
for tailoring the functionality of HMS technology

OEM Toolbox

Specific Application Gateways and Accessories

icon-top-product-ss Serial Server
Create a Virtual PC COM port on Ethernet or Internet.
Remote connect to serial devices via LAN or WANs.

Anybus Serial Server

icon-top-product-mod Modbus to Modbus Gateway
Simple way to send transparent I/O data between devices
on a Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP

Anybus Modbus TCP-RTU gateway

icon-top-product-sim Master Simulators
Turn your PC into a PROFIBUS
DeviceNet or CANopen Master

Anybus Master Simulators