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The Anybus-S Slave interfaces have now entered the Mature phase of the Product Life Cycle management. HMS recommends the Anybus CompactCom 40-series for ALL new in-designs.

CompactCom 40-series

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Anybus-M DeviceNet Master Interface

The Anybus-M DeviceNet Master module can act both as a Master/Scanner and/or Adapter/Slave. The module manages control of up to 63 DeviceNet slaves up to a total IO size of 1536 bytes of Input and 1536 bytes of Output I/O data.

DeviceNet configuration is defined and loaded into the Anybus-M module via the HMS configuration software NetTool-DN or via Rockwell´s RSNetWorx. NetTool-DN can be connected via a configuration port on the module or from DeviceNet or the application interface.

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