B40 Brick Connector Boards

The brick is mounted on the host PCB to enable communication with the chosen network. HMS offers connector boards for all supported networks to facilitate your indesign.

By switching to another connector board, you can get connected to other networks using the same Anybus Brick


Connector Board Features

  • Easy mounting, pluggable and solderable male strip connector
  • Safe and secure mounting of the brick interface to the host PCB design
  • Full connector flexibility on the network side (DSUB, RJ45, 5.08, M12 or Fiber Optic etc)
  • Attached when needed - modular and pluggable

Connector Board Dimensions (LxWxH)

B40 Ethernet (all-versions)
35 x 40 x 15,6 mm
B40 Ethernet F.Optic 44,5 x 40 x 16,1 mm
B40 PROFIBUS 38,8 x 40 x 15,5 mm
B40 CC-Link/DeviceNet 35 x 40 x 11,8 mm