HMS Hub - where Hardware meets Software

HMS Hub is HMS new solution for industrial data connectivity and the heart of your Anybus Edge system. Data from Anybus Edge Gateways flows through HMS Hub to and from the IoT software applications where is it used.


- Fast and scalable real time edge connectivity, in the cloud or on premise.

- Full data control and protection, device management with secure updates during the application lifetime.

- Integration to 3rd party clouds and enterprise systems is made simple using the Kolibri Protocol and API.

- Quick 24/7 access to live data via the HMS Hub Portal.


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    The connecting part of an edge eco system

    The collecting and distribution of data is just one part of the edge story. To realize the benefits of IIoT the HMS Hub works seamlessly together with the Anybus Edge Gateways to brings true edge intelligence to the system. The gateways also take you that very last meter to connect the system all the way down to the factory floor.

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    Kolibri Protocol & API

    HMS Hub features the Kolibri transfer protocol and API which makes it simple and quick to integrate third party clouds and other enterprise end points. It is the key interface into HMS Hub which makes all connections in the system possible.








    Device and data management are key aspects to the data journey. The devices must be maintained and observed to give maximum secure stability and the data must be stored, processed and directed to where you need it. In the HMS Hub Portal tailor-made dashboards can be created, enabling devices and machines to be monitored anywhere in the world.  








    Security and Device Management

    The complete Anybus Edge system is designed to meet the highest requirements for security, performance, data integrity and availability. Users keep full control over their industrial data as the cloud services can be operated in the internet or on their own premises. Device management allows for the system to be controlled, monitored and updated, ensuring that threats can be averted and updated in future scenarios.

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