Secure data at every level

Protecting the data on the journey between the factory floor and the enterprise software is only part of the story. 


Device and data security is an ever growing concern in our day to day business.  True security must be present at every level in an end to end solution.  It would be no benefit to encrypt the data transfer if the value in the payload is already compromised.  Data must be handled with care from the point it enters a system until the point it leaves.  Every step inside our devices and along your data’s journey is designed to provide the highest security available.




Security features of Anybus Edge

  • Firewall, OpenVPN & password protection - Controlling Access to the devices is paramount in security.  Access is not just about stopping connections but also ignoring them completely so as to not be brought down by denial of service attacks.  
  • Root access authentication - Controlling the root access to a system ensures certain routines can never be interfered with.
  • TLS data encryption - Protecting privacy and data integrity with strong encryption means that data gets to where it needs to be without being manipulated.
  • Standard port usage – The device pushes and pulls data utilizing the outbound HTTPS connection enabling easy integration into standard firewalled environments.




Manage your devices to be ready for the threats of tomorrow

There exists an ever changing landscape today in the world of security.  With our new found access to global libraries of features and software, we must be prepared to maintain the integrity of a system by keeping it up to date and protected from threats.  The largest security threat into any system is an out of date device with a known vulnerability.  The concept of a fully hardened device that will be able to survive in the field without updates and feature enhancements is already a debunked myth.  By providing all levels of update capability, the Edge system is designed to keep you protected into the unknowns of the future.

State-of-art technology