Enable end to end IIoT communication with HMS Hub

HMS Hub is the heart of your edge system. It is collecting from and distributing data to any number of industrial devices and cloud systems.






HMS Hub is a solution for industrial data connectivity and the heart of the Anybus Edge system, enabling your OT data in any IT environment.

Get your data to where you need it the most
Data from Anybus Edge Gateways flows through HMS Hub to and from IIoT software applications and cloud solutions or to the HMS Hub Portal where the data can be visualized using dashboards and graphics.
Safeguarding your data’s journey 
HMS Hub is your data’s transit terminal, securely guarding the encrypted information and allowing you uninterrupted access wherever it is needed.

A future-proof solution
With a versatile solution like the HMS Hub you can simultaneously build up your own dashboard online and send data transparently to a business intelligence system, then when the time come for you to connect to e.g. machine learning you have a solution that are prepared.



Benefits of using HMS Hub...


Data Access

The benefits of IIoT cannot be unlocked without having the ability to get the data in the first place. The Hub gives you the OT- and IT-connectivity that you need´to create your end to end data journey.



Data needs are constantly changing.  The variables and methods that are important today will not match tomorrow.  Therefore the Hub is flexible and able to adapt to these on the fly changes. 



End to end data security is the most important part of any edge system.  Data integration, data transport and data storage are certifiably safe and updateable to stay ahead of security threats. 


Device management

The business landscape is ever changing and the industrial devices that is the core of that landscape needs to be able to change with it. Device management is a key indigence to make that happen.


Easy to use

The Hub is designed with simplicity in mind. Getting access to data and setting up your IIoT connectivity should be an easy task. With the Hub you get a simple, safe and user-friendly system to work with.