Service Pack 3 for the Anybus Wireless Bridge and Bolt has now been released, further strengthening the robustness of the Anybus Wireless products as well as making them fit in even more user applications.

The wireless LAN of today supports multiple mission critical applications within the industry. The demands on any wireless network varies between different applications. Some requires high throughput while others require a wide coverage. However, one thing is common for all application: the need for robustness. This latest release is yet another step in the Anybus mission to provide the market with true industrial grade wireless connections.

“When introducing SP3 we are taking yet another step to broaden the application scope of the Anybus wireless products. With the addition of 802.11n with MIMO and 802.11r we are now also targeting AGV-applications (Automated Guided Vehicle) where increased link robustness and fast roaming are key features for success. The addition of Bluetooth low energy also enables new interesting applications with for example wireless sensors.”, says Martin Falkman, product manager for the Anybus Wireless products.




More robustness and increased transfer speeds 

The Anybus Wireless Bolt and Bridge gives your business true industrial grade wireless connections. Among the added features in this latest service pack are Bluetooth Low Energy, MIMO + 802.11n (n-rates) and 802.11r (fast roaming).

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