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Die Anforderungen an Leistungsfähigkeit und Flexibilität steigen stetig. Um zukünftigen Anforderungen z.B. für IIoT / Industrie 4.0 oder auch im Hinblick auf Security gerecht zu werden, empfiehlt HMS die CompactCom B40-Serie für neue In-Designs. 

CompactCom B40-Serie

Anybus-IC PROFIBUS interface

Introduced back in 2002, the Anybus-IC was designed for industrial automation devices where small size and simplicity are the decisive factors. Anybus-IC's are designed to work with or without a host micro-processor.

The Anybus-IC is a complete PROFIBUS slave interface on a 32 pin dual in-line housing. It can be inserted into a host product with only a 5 volt 150mA power supply and a PROFIBUS connector required to achieve instant connection to the PROFIBUS network.


Combining both the SCI & SSC interfaces this chip can send a total max of 144 bytes input & 144 bytes output data. In stand alone mode, no external microprocessor is required and the chip can handle up to 16 bytes input and output signals directly. Alternatively, the chip can be connected via a serial connection to any microprocessor and sends up to 128 bytes of Input and 128 bytes Output data. 



In order to meet the performance and flexibility needed to meet today's and even the future demands of industrial networking and increased security capabilities, HMS recommends the CompactCom B40 PROFIBUS interface as the basis for all future in-designs.

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