Die 30er-Serie ist verfügbar und wird von HMS hinsichtlich Netzwerk-Updates etc. regelmäßig aktualisiert. Dennoch empfiehlt HMS für neue Geräte-Designs die CompactCom 40er-Serie. Das gilt insbesondere für Industrial Ethernet.

CompactCom 40er-Serie

Anybus CompactCom B30 Brick - Modbus TCP

The Anybus CompactCom B30 Brick for Modbus TCP is a complete communication interface which enables your products to communicate on a Modbus TCP network. The Brick contains the complete functionality of industrial network slave/adapter interface and integrates through a standardized and network independent parallel or serial application interface towards the host automation device.


The B30 Modbus TCP interface is built on the Anybus NP30 series platform introduced back in 2005 is still available and supported by HMS. However, in 2013, HMS introduced the CompactCom 40-series built on the award-winning Anybus NP40 technology. The B40 interface presents a real high performance solution with very low latency, extended APIs and the performance and flexibility needed to meet today's and even the future demands of industrial networking, such as IIoT and increased security capabilities. HMS recommends the CompactCom B40 Modbus TCP interface as the basis for all future in-designs.

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