Infographic: Semiconductor Ethercat Device Development Journey

How do I make my device Semiconductor conformant? Discover the easy steps in this Semiconductor Ethercat Device Development Journey Infographic

The Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing Market is large and growing rapidly. In addition to developing a top grade device, each automation device must comply to the EtherCAT Semiconductor Specification from the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG). Navigating EtherCAT SEMI compliance can be a long and difficult process outside the core competency of many device manufacturers. This is where a partner in industrial communications plays a crucial role in helping device manufacturers reduce time to market. This article outlines the steps in development of an EtherCAT SEMI compliant device and how HMS Industrial Networks can help you along the way.


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The Anybus SEMI Starterkit


Gives you a jump start on your software development by providing a framework to build out CDP functionality for your device and is compatible with the CompactCom hardware.


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