The Connected Warehouse

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The Connected Warehouse

In order to fully realize the benefits that automation brings to warehouse operations, maximizing the uptime of these systems and anticipating potential issues will be critical. Identifying key points of failure and applying predictive maintenance models will be at the core of insuring maximum machine productivity.


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Industrial Network Connectivity

For Automated Machinery


Wireless Connectivity

For Mobile Material Handling Equipment


Data Analytics

For the Automated Warehouse

Industrial Network Connectivity

For Automated Machinery


Critical Network Connectivity

Based on the 2018 MHI Annual Report, investment in automation and robotics for warehouses will result in an increase from a current 34% adoption rate to a 73% adoption rate within the next five years. This will involve using robots for sorting, picking, packing and palletizing applications; conveyors and automated guided vehicles for efficient deployment of raw and finished goods to work cells; and automated storage and retrieval systems for optimizing facilities footprint.

Over 20 years of Industrial Network Expertise

The key challenge will be ensuring interoperability between these automated systems from controllers down to the sensor and device level. This will require effective deployment of industrial networks and you can trust HMS and our over 20 years of industrial network expertise to help you find the right solution from our family of Anybus® embedded and gateway solutions; and our Ixxat® embedded solutions.

Embedded Solutions

Make your Devices Talk


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Gateway solutions

Solve factory floor network connectivity problems


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Functional Safety

Get substantially faster and safer implementation

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Ixxat Safe Products

Wireless Connectivity

For Mobile Material Handling Equipment


Mobile Equipment

The increasing use of mobile equipment for material handling has brought increasing levels of operational efficiency to warehouses. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems with its network of elevator, carriers and shuttles allows for fast retrieval of raw and finished goods from storage and with the ability to be extended vertically, optimizes warehouse footprint. Automated Guided Vehicles can be used to rapidly deploy materials to work stations.


Maximizing Data Availability in Automated Guided Vehicles Webinar


Build your Wireless Infrastructure

Making effective use of this equipment requires the deployment of robust wireless networks such as 802.11 WiFi and Bluetooth for interaction between mobile equipment and the control systems managing their tasks. Fortunately, HMS has you covered as the Anybus® Wireless family of products will help you build your wireless infrastructure with fully featured wireless access points and simple to configure wireless clients.


Wireless Technologies: Which one is right for your application?


Wireless Access for Machines

Enable wireless access via Bluetooth, BLE or WLAN

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Anybus Bolt

Replace Ethernet cables

Bridge industrial Ethernet or serial cables

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Anybus Bridge

Wireless LAN infrastructure

Easily connect WLAN clients

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Anybus WLAN Access Point

Data Analytics

For the Automated Warehouse


Turning Data into Information

The ability to collect, visualize and analyze the data associated with logistical operations can present tremendous benefits to businesses including deeper understanding of customer trends and expectations, employee productivity and operational efficiency. Turning data into information allows businesses to create increasingly agile business models.


Enabling Predictive Analytics in the Connected Warehouse


Maximizing Data Availability

These decisions that businesses make are only as good as the least available piece of data. Maximizing data availability while ensuring security is key and that is where HMS helps our customers realize that value. The Ewon™ Flexy 205 edge gateway and STAR-certified Talk2M service can collect and log data from equipment and provide secure connectivity into almost any information-centric platform for data analysis.


Service Your Automated Warehouse from Anywhere


Cloud Services

Industrial Cloud solution for remote connectivity


Talk2M Cloud

Security is our 1st Priority

Security Certified Devices and IIoT Cloud Platforms

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Security Strategy

Industrial Modular Router

A data gateway for unlimited possibilities

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