Whitepaper β€” Networking industrial weighing equipment

Download free white paper about what to consider when connecting industrial weighing scales to fieldbus and industrial EtherNet.

Free whitepaper — Networking of Industrial weighing equipment

Weighing equipment is widely used in control, batching and measuring in different industries, like industrial automation, agriculture, commerce, scientific research, medical and health. With the continuous development of the manufacturing industry, the accuracy requirements are increasing and future systems will be more networked and intelligent.

This whitepaper describes weighing equipment in various industries and analyzes advantages and trends of networking.

It also explores trends in communication for weighing equipment, and provides different solutions for networking weighing equipment, so that you can find the most suitable solution for your applications.

See different ways to connect industrial weighing scales to networks such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, CC-Link, CC-Link IE Field, EtherCAT and more.


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