Connect Fieldbus, Ethernet or Serial devices via OPC UA & MQTT

Get the Anybus Communicator and X-gateways with IIoT capabilities

Get connected with Anybus

Enable any industrial device to communicate with any Industrial Ethernet, fieldbus network or industry cloud, wired, or wirelessly – delivering the competitive edge that you need.

Anybus Embedded

Anybus CompactCom™ gives you multi-network connectivity with just one development project. Available in chip, brick or module format.

Anybus embedded solutions

Anybus Gateways

Anybus Communicator™ and X-gateway™ — more than 300 stand-alone gateways for connecting devices, machines, systems or networks. 

Anybus gateway solutions

Anybus Wireless Solutions

Anybus Wireless

Anybus Wireless Bridge, Wireless Bolt and Wireless Access Points allow you to connect networks, machines and devices over Bluetooth or WLAN.

Anybus wireless solutions



Connecting you to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is all about connecting devices and harnessing the power of data. The integration of digital and physical systems can fundamentally transform a manufacturing business, improving visibility, increasing efficiency and adding flexibility.

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Connecting you to the Internet of Things

The connected machine

See how HMS can get your machine connected in different ways.

The Connected Machine by HMS

The connected building

HMS IIoT solutions enable you to manage buildings more effectively.

The Connected Building by HMS

Anybus solutions for INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET Networks

BACnet/IP     CC-Link IE Field    EtherCAT     EtherNet/IP     Modbus TCP      Powerlink     PROFINET

Anybus solutions for FIELDBUS/SERIAL/OTHERS

CAN/CANopen      CC-Link     ControlNet     DeviceNet     M-Bus     Modbus RTU (RS232/422/485)     PROFIBUS     Wireless