PROFINET - Industrial Ethernet application protocol

Connect any device or network to PROFINET

With Anybus connectivity solutions, you can:

Connect an industrial device with a proprietary protocol to PROFINET

Connect PROFINET to any other industrial network

Provide your devices with integrated PROFINET connectivity through an Anybus Chip, Brick or Module solution


PROFINET installation
Connect. Configure. Done!

PROFINET is an open standard for Industrial Ethernet. The network was developed by Siemens and the Profibus User Organization (PI). PROFINET is used for factory and process automation, for safety applications, and for the entire range of drive technology right up to clock-synchronized motion control. PROFINET is used worldwide but is especially strong in central Europe. Learn more about PROFINET
  •  How to connect to PROFINET

  With Anybus you have several ways of connecting to or integrating PROFINET

Connect a device to PROFINET
PROFINET CommunicatorAnybus Communicator is a stand-alone protocol converter enabling you to connect your device to PROFINET.

It doesn't matter if your device runs CAN, RS232/422/485, Modbus RTU, DF1 or any other proprietary protocol.

You configure the connection in a configuration manager software which means no programming is needed.
Anybus Communicator PROFINET (General info)
Anybus Communicator PROFINET to Modbus RTU, ASCII, DF1, RS232/485 (Technical info)
Anybus Communicator PROFINET to CAN based protocols (Technical info) (PROFINET IRT)
Connect any industrial network to PROFINET
PROFINET X-gatewayAnybus X-gateway works as a translator between PROFINET and any other industrial network (PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP etc.). PROFINET Slave versions available.

You configure the communication in the Anybus Configuration Manager which comes with the product.
Anybus X-gateway PROFINET Slave to other networks
Anybus X-gateway PROFINET Slave to Modbus TCP Master (Technical info)
Anybus X-gateway PROFINET Slave to CANopen Master (Technical info) (PROFINET IRT)
Anybus Wireless Bridge - PROFINET over Bluetooth or WLAN
Integrate PROFINET connectivity into your industrial devices
Embed Anybus CompactCom technology in Chip, Brick or Module formats and provide your devices with PROFINET and all other industrial networks with just one in-design development.

CompactCom is designed for integration into industrial automation devices providing slave/adapter capabilities. No matter which CompactCom series or solution format you choose, you have the full Anybus interchangeability in terms of software and hardware, limiting your development efforts to an absolute minimum.
Integrate a single or dual-port CompactCom module for a complete solution with fastest time to market and the absolute minimum of development efforts!
PROFINET Brick interface
Integrate a CompactCom Brick interface, a complete interface the gives you connector flexibility. Add your own choice of connectors. (RJ45, D-sub, M12, Other)
PROFINET Chip solution
Integrate PROFINET and any other network directy to your PCB design with an Anybus NP40 or NP30 CHIP solution!