Ethernet/IP Scanner/Master - Ethernet/IP Adapter/Slave

The Anybus X-gateway copies I/O-data in both directions thus enabling data exchange between the two networks. Default I/O configuration is 20 bytes Input and 20 bytes Output. Changing default settings is very easy using the windows based configuration software Anybus Configuration Manager X-gateway from HMS (free of charge).The Anybus OPC Server is supported and included with this X-gateway. It enables fast and dynamic transfer of fieldbus data to and from e.g. SCADA/HMI/Enterprice level systems based on Microsoft Windows. The EtherNet/IP Scanner interface supports connection of up to 64 adapters (slaves) at 10/100 Mbit/s. The module also supports IT functionality such as Web server, SSI-scr...

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 Files for Anybus X-gateway - Ethernet/IP Scanner/Master - Ethernet/IP Adapter/Slave
 File Name  Version
Size (KB) 
 ZIP File IPconfig - Utility for module TCP/IP configuration (Win 2000/XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit) 1 008,64 kb  
 ZIP File EDS-file Ethernet/IP adapter - 2,06 kb  
 ZIP File Anybus Configuration Manager X-gateway (for Win 7, Win 8, Win XP and Win 2000) 9 097,03 kb  
 PDF Document Manual Addendum Ethernet/IP Adapter/Slave 2.00 1 447,95 kb  
 PDF Document Manual Gateway Generic 2.10 1 023,89 kb  
 PDF Document Installation Sheet Ethernet/IP Adapter/Slave 2.00 158,66 kb  
 PDF Document Installation Sheet Gateway Generic 2.10 590,67 kb  
 ZIP File EU Declaration of Conformity ATEX, Haz.Loc. C1D2 certificates April 4th 2016 658,30 kb  
 PDF Document Conformance Certificate Ethernet/IP - 171,51 kb  
 ZIP File Drawings of Anybus X-gateway CAD JPEG PDF 1.00 4 524,06 kb  
 PDF Document Manual Addendum Ethernet/IP Scanner/Master 2.00 1 882,94 kb  
 PDF Document Installation Sheet Ethernet/IP Scanner/Master 2.10 214,61 kb  
 ZIP File Anybus API Reference Manual - For the Ethernet Transport Provider Anybus API in Microsoft Windows) 1.10b 429,29 kb  
 EDS File EDS file for EtherNet/IP Scanner (Anybus X-gateway) - 2,38 kb  
 ZIP File How to configure an Anybus Ethernet/IP module with RS Logix and RS Networx 2.03 1 249,83 kb  
 PDF Document Reading/writing data from Anybus EtherNet/IP using ControlLogix5000 MSG instruction 2.0 2 055,33 kb  
 PDF Document Establishing I/O communication between Anybus EtherNet/IP and EIPScan Test Tool 2.0 103,24 kb  
 ZIP File How to configure an Anybus EtherNet/IP Scanner module with RSNetWorx for EtherNet/IP 1.02 671,25 kb  
 ZIP File Anybus OPC Server (Win 2000/XP/Vista/7, 32/64-bit) 48 161,38 kb  
 ZIP File Legacy X-gateway (ABxxxx-B/C) configuration files, manuals and installation leaflets 1 21 699,87 kb  
 PDF Document Migration Path Document - migrating from the old to the new X-gateway 1.00 278,14 kb