Connect any device or network to PROFIBUS

With Anybus connectivity solutions, you can:

  • Connect an industrial device with a proprietary protocol to PROFIBUS.
  • Connect PROFIBUS to any other industrial network.
  • Make your product compatible with PROFIBUS by embedding a communication module, brick interface or a fully integrated PROFIBUS chip soluion.

PROFIBUS is the world's most widely used fieldbus. This industrial network originates from Siemens and is today managed by the organization PROFIBUS and PROFINET International (PI). The network is especially strong in central Europe and have approximately 40 million nodes installed around the world.


PROFIBUS installation
Connect. Configure. Done!

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With Anybus gateways, you have several ways of connecting to PROFIBUS

Connect a device to PROFIBUS with an Anybus Communicator gateway

PROFIBUS CommunicatorAnybus Communicator is a stand-alone protocol converter enabling you to connect your device to PROFIBUS.

It doesn't matter if your device runs CAN, RS232/422/485, Modbus RTU, DF1 or any other proprietary protocol.

You configure the connection in a configuration manager software which means no programming is needed.

Anybus Communicator PROFIBUS (General info)
Anybus Communicator PROFIBUS to Modbus RTU, ASCII, DF1, RS232/485 (Technical info)
Anybus Communicator PROFIBUS to CAN based protocols (Technical info)
Connect any industrial network to PROFIBUS with an Anybus X-gateway

PROFIBUS X-gatewayAnybus X-gateway works as a translator between PROFIBUS and any other industrial network (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP etc.). PROFIBUS Master and Slave versions available.

You configure the communication in the Anybus Configuration Manager which comes with the product.

Anybus X-gateway PROFIBUS Master/Slave to other networks
Anybus X-gateway PROFIBUS Slave to Modbus TCP Master (Technical info)
Anybus X-gateway PROFIBUS Slave to CANopen Master (Technical info)
Connect a machine to an IT based .NET application via PROFIBUS

The new Anybus .NET gateways enable real-time data from industrial machinery to be presented to .NET-based IT applications.

This means that .NET programmers can get data directly from a PLC system on the other side of “the edge” to be used in applications for statistics, analysis or maintenance.

Anybus .NET IT/OT gateway for PROFIBUS


profibus logoPROFIBUS is the leading industrial communication system for manufacturing automation in Europe with strong growth in many other markets. PROFIBUS is supported by Siemens and is promoted by the PROFIBUS User Organization (PI), guaranteeing worldwide compatibility.

PROFIBUS was originally defined in the 1990s under the German standard DIN 19245 and is today part of the international standard series IEC 61158

Based on the initial functionality, many new features have been added and today, PROFIBUS consists of a family of 3 protocol variations (DP, DPV1, DPV2) that can be used with different physical transmission media.

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