Modbus TCP IT 2 Port version Plug-In Module

The Anybus CompactCom 2-port Modbus TCP module allows Modbus TCP real-time communication with bus topology and eliminates the need for expensive external switches. The module provides an easy way for any kind of automation device to connect to any PLC with Modbus TCP support.

In addition, the module supports web functions such as a WebServer for creating Dynamic Webpages which include reading & writing of ADIs and process data, Email sending and FTP for downloading of user webpages. Through the socket interface the module provides the possibility to implement other TCP/UDP protocols using the modules TCP/IP stack.

The 2-port module is backwards compatible (standard implementation) with the single port Anybus-CC Modbus TCP module (AB6213) concerning the Anybus interface, though it has a little higher current consumption and a different fieldbus ID. It can be plugged into any automation device with integrated Anybus-CC communication slot.

M12 connectors
The M12 version is available with and without housing. The version with housing will have an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 20, just as the standard CompactCom modules with the default fieldbus connector. The version without housing will make it possible for the end user to design a product with protection rating up to IP67. This means that it is completely sealed from dust and can operate under water.

  Galvanically isolated bus electronics
  10/100Mbit, full/half duplex operation
  Web server w. customizable content
  FTP server
  Email client
  Server Side Include (SSI) functionality
  Transparent Socket Interface
  Two Ethernet ports
  Modbus/TCP (up to 4 simultaneous connections)
  Modbus message forwarding
  Customizable Identity Information
  M12 version enabling IP ratings up to IP67

Size:   52 mm x 50 mm x 22 mm
Power Supply:   3,3 Volt
Temperature:   -40 to +70°C
Baud Rate:   10/100 Mbit
I/O Input:   Max 256 Byte
I/O Output:   Max 256 Byte
Appl Interface:   Parallel and serial
UL file:   E214107
Order Code M12:   AB6253, AB6353 (without housing)
Order Code:   AB6323 (without housing)
Order Code:   AB6223