Ethernet Virtual COMport - RS-232/485 COMport

The Anybus Serial Server is an Ethernet Virtual COMport to RS232 and RS485 COM-port gateway. Together with a special software driver in a PC, it can be used as a remote serial port. PC applications designed to access data using normal serial COM-ports, can access the data through the remote Anybus serial server without any software modifications. The LAN/Internet network together with the serial server and driver can be viewed as a long "virtual" serial cable.

The software is enhanced with specific timing support for serial networks like ModbusRTU, DF1 and MPI. The gateway can be used for remote configuration of PLC:s such as Allen Bradley and Siemens S7 (with S7 using MPI to RS232 dongle).

  Creates a Virtual COM port on Ethernet or Internet
  Remote management of serial devices via LAN or WANs
  10/100 MBit/s Ethernet connection
  Transparent serial communication
  4-module norm standard enclosure for M36 DIN-rail mounting
  Siemens S7 PLC configuration support using MPI-RS-232 dongle
  Allen Bradley DF1 PLC configuration support
  Dual serial ports, RS-232 & RS-485 simultaneously
  Supports Modbus RTU for Windows applications communicating with a COM port
  Auto detect of devices connected to Ethernet via IPconfig

Size:   70 mm x 86 mm x 57,7 mm
Power Supply:   9-32 VDC
Temperature:   -40 to +85°C
Current Consump:   70mA@24VDC (1.7W)
Baud Rate:   10-100 Mbit/s
Sub Baud Rate:   up to 115kBit/s
Mech Rating:   IP20
Config Method:   IPconfig (NetbiterConfig), Web interface and Serial/IP
Appl Interface:   RS-232 & RS-485 simultaneously
Serial/IP License:   Including FREE Serial/IP license for 1 to 16 COM-ports, freely selectable
Order Code:   AB7701