Global presence

With offices in ten countries and partners in an additional 50, HMS has the most extensive sales and support network in the business.

HMS World

  • The HMS head office in Halmstad, Sweden handles development, manufacturing, global sales & marketing and other corporate management issues.
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  • Ten subsidiary offices sell and market the HMS solutions on their respective markets (red dots).
  • Carefully chosen distributors in 50+ countries also resell the HMS products (yellow dots).
A history of innovation    

HMS was founded in 1988 by Nicolas Hassbjer (HMS=Hassbjer MicroSystems). Originally started as a student project for measuring paper thickness, the company soon realized the need to connect their devices to different fieldbuses and industrial networks. Hence, they came up with the product "Anybus" - a network card that connects any device to any network.

After the first installations at three General Motors plants, the HMS expansion has continued at break-neck speed, today employing several hundered people internationally and being recognized as the leader in the field of communication technology for industrial automation.

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  Export company of the year
HMS founder Nicoals Hassbjer receives the award "Export company of the year from His Majesty the King of Sweden.